Saturday, March 12, 2011

53 African Leaders ask President Obama to rescind outdated policies and focus on investments in green technologies and communities to empower the poor.

African Leaders Support Mass Collaboration to Alleviate Poverty

Ambassador Hope has led the campaign on Capitol Hill for 10 years to change old policies, create a new Foreign Empowerment Policy, identify and mobilize stakeholders to put policy into practice.   Now 53 countries are standing behind her to break the final barrier to open the floodgates for the investment funds to flow at grassroots level to empower 2,166 community and faith-based groups to co-create green and sustainable communities for 13 million orphans and widows across the continent.
Ambassador Hope said “I was the first leader to incorporate scale and speed into the solution and work on a continent level, Africa has suffered through a lack of positive policies, tiny lobbying budgets and cohesive unity on Capitol Hill” she states.
Africans either at the bottom of the list or off the list altogether as 200,000 lobbyists on Capitol Hill focus on high paying countries, sectors or clients.
“It is a miracle that we have gathered funds and resources from 29 stakeholder groups to fund this journey, the love and support from orphans, widows, community and faith groups has fueled us as we overcame thousands of obstacles to empower the poor”.
African Leaders now recognize that unless the poorest of the poor are empowered with knowledge, processes and technologies they are unable to participate in the local, regional and global economies and this will hold back the prosperity of the continent.

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