Saturday, March 12, 2011

200,000 unemployed women in Saudi to start micro-enterprises

Queen of Green FZE is empowering 200,000 unemployed women in Saudi Arabia to start their own
Ambassador Hope, advisor to President Obama and the G20 on Foreign Empowerment Policy
has worked with Government Advisors and unemployed women in Saudi to develop a plan
to empower a  generation of unemployed women.
The women will apply online for a Micro-enterprise License and then select from one of 12 micro-enterprises
options.  The 'Business in a Box' will be delivered to their home and includes the technology,
equipment and training.
An international support team of experienced entrepreneurs will be available online to answer questions and
suggest ways to develop their businesses.
HRH King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and Ambassador Hope have comitted their resources to
empowering 100 million unemployed youth across the Middle East and develop the green economy to
support the poor.
The campaign in Saudi Arabia will launch in April and is called "Look in the mirror - say 'hello to your new boss".
Funding has been allocated from the $36 billion of social benefits approved by King Abdullah.

53 African Leaders ask President Obama to rescind outdated policies and focus on investments in green technologies and communities to empower the poor.

African Leaders Support Mass Collaboration to Alleviate Poverty

Ambassador Hope has led the campaign on Capitol Hill for 10 years to change old policies, create a new Foreign Empowerment Policy, identify and mobilize stakeholders to put policy into practice.   Now 53 countries are standing behind her to break the final barrier to open the floodgates for the investment funds to flow at grassroots level to empower 2,166 community and faith-based groups to co-create green and sustainable communities for 13 million orphans and widows across the continent.
Ambassador Hope said “I was the first leader to incorporate scale and speed into the solution and work on a continent level, Africa has suffered through a lack of positive policies, tiny lobbying budgets and cohesive unity on Capitol Hill” she states.
Africans either at the bottom of the list or off the list altogether as 200,000 lobbyists on Capitol Hill focus on high paying countries, sectors or clients.
“It is a miracle that we have gathered funds and resources from 29 stakeholder groups to fund this journey, the love and support from orphans, widows, community and faith groups has fueled us as we overcame thousands of obstacles to empower the poor”.
African Leaders now recognize that unless the poorest of the poor are empowered with knowledge, processes and technologies they are unable to participate in the local, regional and global economies and this will hold back the prosperity of the continent.

Queen of Green – Social Development Portfolio

Queen of Green’s IPO is set to attract $150 Billion of global capital.
Gill Wallace Hope, Founder and Director of Queen of Green is the first self made woman technology billionaire to make her fortune at the “Bottom of the Pyramid”
Her Social Development Portfolio is knowledge - rich collection of 14 programs to empower 200 million poor across 70 countries.  She has invested 30 years working in 40 countries to build a world class network that leverages 29 stakeholder groups.  For Africa, the funds are being invested to co-create 2,166 green communities to empower 13 million orphans to live green and sustainable live.
For India, 8 million orphans and 1,333 communities will benefit.  For Turkey, Bulgaria, Jordan will receive a 21st healthcare INFO structure with every citizen building and managing their healthcare records to improve efficiency, decrease administration costs and shift budgets into care services.
For UAE, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh the focus is on empowering youths and women to grow the green economy.
The Forex Funds have more than $5.71 Trillion.
Hedge Funds over $2.12 Trillion in cash and assets.
Fortune 500 companies are awash with cash $1.6 trillion of profits from Q4 of 2010 and Corporate Foundations between $1.5 to 2 Billion.
True global companies with large scale investment opportunities are few in comparison with the $12 Billion eager to find a profitable home in the next growth wave.
Face book                 500 Million members        -          Social Media
LinkedIn                    85 Million professionals   -           Global Talent
Queen of Green         200 Million poor                -        Social Development

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Queen of Green is a global network of green stakeholders from 29 diverse sectors who share a common goal of transforming their world.