Monday, May 30, 2011

Press Release::Abu Dhabi accelerating it's Queen of Green transformation

Queen of Green UAE has attracted sponsors from throughout the 7 Emirates who are passionate about 'going green' or want to put the environmental policy from the Quran into practice.
Community groups are being trained during Ramadan and installation of the green technologies and processes will start on Sept 12th 2011.
Queen of Green decided to focus the investment into 70 buildings so they could be filmed and the knowledge transferred easily so that all Emirati's and building owners could follow the leadership.
10 sectors including Nursery Schools, Schools, Colleges/Universities, Commercial buildings, Workers camps, hotels, factories, residential buildings, airports and Queen of Green Interactive warehouses.
Micro-enterprises for youth groups to distribute, install and maintain the green technologies will create jobs for unemployed Emirati's to train.
Abu Dhabi Airport will convert all waste to energy, Shiekh Zayad Mosque will transform from an energy consumer to an energy generator and 70 buildings with 23,000 office and residential tenants will transform using the unique Queen of Green processes.

Queen of Green is a global green cooperative brand,a network of green stakeholders from 29 diverse sectors who share a common goal of transforming their world. We unite 29 stakeholder groups to cooperate and collaborate to implement 14 Socialdevelopment Programs that will improve the quality of life for 200 million of the world's poor. Ambassador Hope developed the new Foreign Empowerment Policy for President Obama, Organizing for America and the G20 leaders. Ambassador Hope has developed a Social Investment Portfolio of 14 programs to empower the poor in 70+ countries. She passionately believes in empowering the talent and skills of the poorest of the poor to become green and sustainable. By integrating the development process to ensure energy, food, and health security is combined with education and micro-enterprises for economic security it is possible to mobilize millions of citizens to be the change they want to see in the world.

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