Saturday, August 6, 2011

8th Amendment cuts through the noise and raises the Debt Ceiling

8th Amendment cuts through the noise and raises the Debt Ceiling

Hope says "Obama JUST DO IT!  Sign an Executive Order to raise the Debt Ceiling under the US Constitution 8th Amendment - 'nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted'.
You are the ONLY world leader who can prevent a US Default, protect Americans and global citizens from  an economic system meltdown that would indeed be' a cruel and unusual punishments inlficted' on all of us.
The Founding Fathers are behind you..this is precisely the type of situation that they crafted and signed this amendment in 1791.
Hope exclaims "Crashing the global economy and removing the citizens ability to purchase food, water, clothes, shelter, electricity, communications and all other transactions requiring a currency to complete would strip away the dignity of man and cause massive consequences for global trade and development".
Divestiture of the citizenship of a natural born citizen was held in Trop v. Dulles,48 again by a divided Court, to be constitutionally forbidden as a penalty more cruel and “more primitive than torture,” inasmuch as it entailed statelessness or “the total destruction of the individual’s status in organized society.” “The question is whether [a] penalty subjects the individual to a fate forbidden by the principle of civilized treatment guaranteed by the Eighth Amendment.” A punishment must be examined “in light of the basic prohibition against inhuman treatment,” and the Amendment was intended to preserve the “basic concept . . . [of] the dignity of man” by assuring that the power to impose punishment is “exercised within the limits of civilized standards.”49

Queen of Green is a global green cooperative brand,a network of green stakeholders from 29 diverse sectors who share a common goal of transforming their world. We unite 29 stakeholder groups to cooperate and collaborate to implement 14 Socialdevelopment Programs that will improve the quality of life for 200 million of the world's poor. Ambassador Hope developed the new Foreign Empowerment Policy for President Obama, Organizing for America and the G20 leaders. Ambassador Hope has developed a Social Investment Portfolio of 14 programs to empower the poor in 70+ countries. She passionately believes in empowering the talent and skills of the poorest of the poor to become green and sustainable. By integrating the development process to ensure energy, food, and health security is combined with education and micro-enterprises for economic security it is possible to mobilize millions of citizens to be the change they want to see in the world.

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