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Transforming the lives of 18,000 orphans and youth in Tunisia


Transforming the lives of 18,000 orphans and youth in Tunisia
By Ambassador G Wallace Hope

Ambassador G Wallace Hope has developed a program to empower
18,000 orphans and youth in Tunisia with their own green communities
and micro-enterprises.

Queen of Green is starting the mass collaboration in Tunisia to transform the ‘quality of life’ for 18,000 orphans and youth.  The revolution started by one youth attempting to support his family by selling vegetables when a police man who already had a job and salary and was empowered to support his own family took the weighing scale of the young man, Mohammed Bouazizi.  The Policeman stole the only technology required to run his small business; it was a devasting blow to Bouazizi and he torched himself to death. 

Few people have discussed the underlying economic and corruption challenges that made this event world news.  Queen of Green focused on the solutions..how Tunisia could adopt new economic, business and finance models to empower all orphans and youth to apply their talents and skills to build the Tunisian economy from the ‘bottom up’.

In the Middle East most students are prepared for a job in the Government and yet no Government can create jobs for the 100 million unemployed youth in the Middle East. 
Ambassador G Wallace Hope understands the anger and frustration of the youth.  She understands the causes of the Arab Spring and is deeply committed to positive solutions.
Ambassador Hope also appreciates the challenges for world leaders and is supporting all who want to transform to the new business and finance models and new ways of mass collaboration where sale and speed are vital components.

In the Middle East many countries focused on investing in the education sector but failed to invest in the economy in parallel to ensure that the youth had meaningful opportunities after graduation.

Now it is time to bring balance, equality and opportunity to the ‘generation in waiting’ across the region through innovation, technology and a Youth Entrepreneurial Network that will inspire and release the talent and energy of the youth across the region by investing in them directly to transfer knowledge, technology and support for them to serve their community, generate income and grow their economies from the ‘bottom up’.
3 green communities will be built focused on the North and North West
  • NBR 16,690 and 18,989 youth 
  • North - Gafsa , Jendouba , Kasserine
  • North West - Bizerte and Tunis
  • Center - Tunis + Bizerte + Manouba + Ariana + Ben Arous
  • South - Jendouba + Kef  + Sfax
Queen of Green has developed the system, processes, forms, technologies, training, knowledge transfer, green technologies and global supply chain for ‘Businesses in a Box’ and the green communities. 

The unemployed youth will register online, choose the business that most suits them and their local communities and it will be delivered to their home.

They will access support and supplies online and by mobile phone to help them start revenue, gain contracts, and grow their micro-enterprise.

Experienced entrepreneurs will real world experience will be available 24/7 to answer questions, provide ideas and solutions.
Community Groups will manage each location for Queen of Green in the first mass collaboration program in Tunisia.

Ambassador Gill Wallace Hope has invested in emerging the green economy since 1980 and now it is important for the orphans unemployed youth and Community Groups in Tunisia to receive the resources to scale the implementation.

For media interviews please contact:

Ambassador G Wallace Hope
Founder and Director
Queen of Green FZE
Mobile: +971 552 396 818
Email: hope@hope.gs
Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/AmbassadorHope
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmbassadorHope
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AmbassadorHope
Klout: www.klout.com/AmbassadorHope

Queen of Green is a global green cooperative brand,a network of green stakeholders from 29 diverse sectors who share a common goal of transforming their world. We unite 29 stakeholder groups to cooperate and collaborate to implement 14 Socialdevelopment Programs that will improve the quality of life for 200 million of the world's poor. Ambassador Hope developed the new Foreign Empowerment Policy for President Obama, Organizing for America and the G20 leaders. Ambassador Hope has developed a Social Investment Portfolio of 14 programs to empower the poor in 70+ countries. She passionately believes in empowering the talent and skills of the poorest of the poor to become green and sustainable. By integrating the development process to ensure energy, food, and health security is combined with education and micro-enterprises for economic security it is possible to mobilize millions of citizens to be the change they want to see in the world.

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