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Press Release::Queen of Green IPO will raise $150 bn

Queen of Green IPO will raise $150 bn
Queen of Green IPO is the first truly global IPO that ‘connects the dots’ from around the world.
Gill Wallace Hope, Founder and CEO has mobilized green citizens and resources from 192 countries to create a Social Development Portfolio that is investing in orphans, women and youth in 70 countries empowering 200 million poor to live a green and sustainable life.
Hope invested 30 years in 40 countries to gather the knowledge, processes and technologies to deliver large scale programs. She is the world’s leading expert on International Public Private Partnerships weaving the threads of public, private, volunteer, technology, finance and grass roots community and faith-based resources into a new global system to invest in the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ market – the     1 billion people who live on $1 or less a day.
She became a global citizen aged 11 when immigrants from all over the world arrived at her school. From 1980, Hope was using crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding 30 years before the terms appeared on Wikipedia!
In 1999 and 2000 she was mentored by Bank of America and PriceWaterhouseCoopers on Wall St, learning the IPO process and observing, e-bay, Paypal’s journeys from start-up to IPO.
She arrived in Silicon Valley late 2000 and registered her company on Market Street, San Francisco. For minority technologists the system is harsh.  The VC’s were white, middle-aged men focused on hardware and apps.  The Chinese were running around town with $6bn to invest and no-one would let them in.  The rejections came swift, no VC could connect ‘woman, global, technologist’ together. 
So Hope replaced the ‘venture capital’ with crowd –funding, partnerships and global volunteers...attracting resources from all cultures, faiths and countries. Even now in 2011, women run 50% of technology businesses yet men receive 97% of venture capital and women only 3%! 
Learning from other billionaires including Ray Kroc(McDonalds), Ross Perot (EDS), Bill Gates (Microsoft) Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) Fred Smith (Fedex) Peter Thiel (Paypal),Meg Whitman(ebay), Oprah (Harpo Productions), Steve Forbes (Forbes Mag) Mike Bloomberg (Bloomberg) and Martha Stewart (Omnimedia) , she carved her way removing, jumping over and walking around obstacles that the international community throws at you to see if you can handle them.
She relied on lessons from the spiritual journey’s of Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks and Erin Brokovich to deal with ignorance, racism and sexism.
Now her vision and perseverance are paying off for her and 200 million people she represents.  The Queen of Green IPO expects to be 3-7 x over-subscribed as waves of parked capital flows into the markets seeking a profitable return.
Hope has spent 10 years on Capital Hill (Policy Hub) working on issues of HIV/AIDS, Africa, orphans, green economy, unemployed youth, veterans and women, homelessness and Foreign Policy. She created the new Foreign Empowerment Policy for President Obama and the G20 leaders to leverage resources to expand the G192. The new Policy converges Foreign Policy, Economic Stimulus, Poverty Alleviation and Mass Collaboration. 
Travelling overland through Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Kuwait and UAE for the last 32 months has given her a unique perspective on the needs of orphans, women and youth.  In UAE she has organized the Implementation Hub to distribute the green technologies and communities to 70 countries.
 Now the Financial Hub in Frankfurt will gather the funds from the $21 trillion of parked capital seeking a profit.  Queen of Green IPO (proposed ticker symbol QOG) will launch the global financial roadshow from the White House on Sept 6th where President Obama will call on unemployed youth in America to emerge the green economy through micro-enterprises distributing, installing and maintaining.
Then the Global Financial Roadshow will webcast around the world meeting youth and green projects. 238 Stock Exchanges in 117 countries will also join the live webcast and on September 12th  2011 at full moon the stock expects to start trading.
100 million youth are unemployed in the Middle East and represent the real reason for the Arab Spring. This huge talent pool is educated, angry and frustrated.  Hope’s investment will empower a generation of youth to start their own green micro-enterprises and lift themselves out of poverty by creating new markets, products and services.
 Hope has based her IPO innovations on the UN policy that was signed by 198 world leaders in September 2005 that called for ‘innovation in financing’ for Millenium Development Goals.
Investments are coming from Forex, Hedge Fund, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Corporate Foundations, CSR Directors and Faith-based funds who all have a surplus of cash of $21 trillion.
Green citizens will be able to buy Queen of Green ‘ordinary’ stock via Facebook ($10 min-$50,000 max) Fund Managers ‘B’ class via the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ($50m min -50bn max).
Hope wants to include ‘the little guys’ a lesson show learnt from McDonalds and Linkedin. She also wants to maximize the reach and pricing so that the company benefits from the cash to fund the programs.  By agreeing a 5% return paid as quarterly dividends to the large Fund Managers it gives them security, transparency and earnings that they cannot access anywhere else, so its very attractive plus it meets their CSR targets.
To some investors the ‘mash-up’ of finance models will be too overwhelming however, for those who value imagination and innovation, Queen of Green is an exciting stock to aquire, own and love.

Queen of Green is a global green cooperative brand,a network of green stakeholders from 29 diverse sectors who share a common goal of transforming their world. We unite 29 stakeholder groups to cooperate and collaborate to implement 14 Socialdevelopment Programs that will improve the quality of life for 200 million of the world's poor. Ambassador Hope developed the new Foreign Empowerment Policy for President Obama, Organizing for America and the G20 leaders. Ambassador Hope has developed a Social Investment Portfolio of 14 programs to empower the poor in 70+ countries. She passionately believes in empowering the talent and skills of the poorest of the poor to become green and sustainable. By integrating the development process to ensure energy, food, and health security is combined with education and micro-enterprises for economic security it is possible to mobilize millions of citizens to be the change they want to see in the world.

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