Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Social Media and Innovation in Global IPO's with Peer to Peer Fundraising

I'm often asked how I convert every negative I get into a positive and I realize I've developed a technique so when I get a 'no' or a person blocking me, I look at what they are saying and go immediately to the opposite as that contains the solution!  Using negative energy to transform it into positive good is fun.

Our imagination no knows boundaries.
To innovate is to apply the universal laws that make planets, oceans, trees and humans.
It is a natural process that goes beyond what we learn in school and requires constant un-learning to be mega-creative.

Last week I attended the first Middle East Internet Marketing Awards and got the opportunity to assess my own performance against world leaders in social media. Ernesto Verdugo spoke about a jigsaw with 12 social media components and I was able to compare my approach and omissions against this blueprint.

It was an illuminating 3 days:)  As well as unlearning processes that were overtaken by new innovations, I took my first fire walk across 7 meters of hot coals!  Not something that you can duplicate on the internet but amazingly expansive for the mind and spirit.

The top 2 areas that it made me focus on where my own use of Social Media and the levels of Innovation I had applied to the IPO (Intial Public Offering) process for Queen of Green.  I have assembled the digital ingredients of my own network and analysed the myriad of innovations I've applied as a 'thought leader' to the IPO process which has surpirsingly remained the same since the 1980's!

My digital assets have grown expedentially as the value of one of my company's Queen of Green has increased
to $75 bn.  The Queen of Green IPO in Jan 2012 will make me the next Meg Whitman. The first woman, green technologist billionaire raising $150 bn to invest in orphans, women and youth.

Gill Wallace Hope's Social Network

Global Network                  750 million
Klout                                          +K 60
Extended Network           17,623,424
Linedin Network                        2.604
Linkedin Groups  50              721,484
Linkedin Followers                     2,735
Facebook                                  5,000
Twitter                                      1,288
Plaxo                                         3,551
Youtube Videos                           356
Fb postings                            45,015
Fb Likes                                    7,500
Tweets                                     5,317
Scribd Docs                                 107
Scribd followers                          421
Scribd Reads                           14,360
Emails                                    219,045
Countries worked in                      40
Meetings                                 10,950
Fund Raisers                          11,000+

‎Gill Wallace Hope is innovating the IPO process through:

* Peer-to Peer fund raising
* Sponsorship
* Mass Collaboration
* Replacing Capital with Knowledge
* Structuring the IPO to include all levels of investors from green consumers
   to Sovereign Wealth Funds
* Leveraging non-cash resources as critical ingredients
* Converting Customer Capital to Financial Capital
* Applying a stakeholder model where every contribution is honored
* Mobilizing ordinary people to do extra-ordinary work
* Creating value by connecting the very, very rich to the very, very poor
* Disintermediating exisiting supply chains that block funds getting to the poor
* Applying scale and speed to Social Development
* Pioneering practical, grassroots approaches to knowledge transfer
* Building a global network of 17,623,424 connections
* Applying interactive social media to manage relationships in 192 countries

Person-to-person lending - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org

Person-to-person lending (also known as peer-to-peer lending, peer-to-peer investing, and social lending; abbreviated frequently as P2P lending) is a certain breed of financial transaction (primarily lending and borrowing, though other more complicated transactions can be facilitated) which occurs d...
Hope is interviewed on Nile TV in Cairo for one hour on the prime time economic program

Socially connected to the 3rd largest continent in the world of Facebook
Women are investing in social development to empower orphans, youth and women

Queen of Green is a global green cooperative brand,a network of green stakeholders from 29 diverse sectors who share a common goal of transforming their world. We unite 29 stakeholder groups to cooperate and collaborate to implement 14 Socialdevelopment Programs that will improve the quality of life for 200 million of the world's poor. Ambassador Hope developed the new Foreign Empowerment Policy for President Obama, Organizing for America and the G20 leaders. Ambassador Hope has developed a Social Investment Portfolio of 14 programs to empower the poor in 70+ countries. She passionately believes in empowering the talent and skills of the poorest of the poor to become green and sustainable. By integrating the development process to ensure energy, food, and health security is combined with education and micro-enterprises for economic security it is possible to mobilize millions of citizens to be the change they want to see in the world.

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