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Gill's Notes::Hope supports President Zuma to 'Empower the Poor'

South Africa's new President Jacob Zuma has won an investment program that will empower the poor

Issac Bakka, BBC Kampala

The new Program will boost Trevor Manuel’s role into immediate action in the critical challenges, Mr. Zuma said. The Public Private Partnership is based on the United Nations policy that was signed by 191 world leaders to bring innovation in financing development programs that meet the MDG goals. "This is an excellent opportunity for South Africa to benefit from this new model that unites all stakeholders," Ban Ki Moon, Director General, UN, told the BBC.

Although Mr. Zuma has always wanted to empower the poor and owes his position to massive support among poor black South Africans, putting policy into practice is not as easy. 

Ambassador Hope, chairman of Prosperity Studios, the private sector partner providing the Program and financing says “this is the perfect time for Mr. Zuma to walk his campaign talk. The poor of South Africa are desperate to be part of the solution. Mr. Zuma knows that for a Poverty Alleviation Program to work, the planning has to be from the top down and the implementation from the bottom up”.

As Mr. Zuma also enjoyed the full backing of the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the trade union grouping Cosatu it is an obvious opportunity to unite
All stakeholders in transforming the ‘quality of life’ for the poor.

Restore dignity and respect
Hope says “the begging bowl is dead as an economic strategy. Begging has robbed the poor of their dignity and self respect. It is time to value all the human assets of South Africa, restore their dignity and self respect and empower the poor to co-create better futures for their families and communities.”

Some analysts predicted that President Zuma would be less business-friendly than his long-time rival, former President Thabo Mbeki, and that he might succumb to pressure from his supporters to massively increase state spending. However, partnering with social entrepreneurs from around the world will give him a powerful balance of ‘doing good and doing well’.

Economists like Jeffrey Sachs have argued strongly for world leaders who can inspire citizens to work for the common good so that all people are lifted out of abject poverty. 

Human assets must come first
“An economic policy that focuses on investing in the human assets, educating them and keeping them healthy to play their role in the global knowledge economy is common sense into common practice” says Hope “.

Africa has a poor track record in valuing human life. “I’ve told orphans, widows and the displaced, no government in the world can provide all its citizens with jobs, so it is up to the children to take their talent, learn the skills and take responsibility for creating their own income, to be sustainable by choice”.

Old policies of relying on governments or waiting for a hand out from charities are a disempowering waste of a life. Empowered citizens can contribute to the prosperity
of every level of the economy ensuring that South Africa is economically sustainable.

South Africa’s poor say “Yes We can”
"He knows the poor of this country - we are hoping for a lot from him," South African resident Nkompela Xolile told the BBC shortly before Mr. Zuma took the oath of office on Saturday.

They take heart from the fact that Mr. Zuma grew up in poverty and started out herding goats in his village of Nkandla.

Innovation and action
The private sector investment will include:

1) 200 new Economic Development Centers with sustainable accommodation for 6,000 orphans each giving a future for 1.2 million orphans, widows and caregivers.

2) 1 million combined solar electric and water heaters for poor families’ inc elderly and disabled.

3) 2 million mobile power vests for shanty town dwellers

The inward investment totals $21 billion over 4 years. 
Ambassador Hope is encouraging Trevor Manuel to go to Washington and get a MIGA issued by the World Bank or a guarantee from the IMF so that funds can be released within 30 days.

“The poor cannot handle anymore economic or care burden piled on top of them” she said…”they have done an amazing job caring for the 1.2 million orphans but now they are at the breaking point. We must empower them to co-create the Children’s Villages and set up micro-enterprises and cooperatives.”

Collins Chabane will evaluate and monitor the performance of the rest of the cabinet who are critical mobilizers in ensuring scale and speed is served.

Zuma says “Mr. Chabane and Mr. Manuel will see me as the face of the poor everyday, as the new president I haved moved those responsible into my office”.

Role of women

Ambassador Hope dances with 4,000 orphans on the last stage of her Africa Tour. She will arrive in South Africa soon to meet orphans and tour the Shanty towns.
Mr. Zuma says “I appreciate the role of women at every level of South African Society; I will leave a Legacy as the President who empowered women to fulfill their potential as wives, mothers, and social entrepreneurs. South African women are not afraid of hard work; they can balance many roles and contribute to a sustainable economy.”

South Africa has the world's biggest HIV pandemic, with some 5.5 million people carrying the Aids virus.

As the new Poverty Alleviation Program ramps up, it will free up government funds for investing in a holistic prevention and treatment Program led by Aaron Motsoaledi the new Health Minister.

Overcoming obstacles
Ambassador Hope respects and values the tenacity of anyone who could survive Robben Island and then thrive on to serve their nation. Mr. Zuma, Nelson Mandela, and Mr. Sexwale were imprisoned on Robben Island for his role in the fight against white minority rule. “Yet, the end of apartheid was planned in a tea room at the Best Western Hotel in Bath, England” comments Hope “ it demonstrate that whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever you believe is possible if you have the faith and are prepared to work at the highest level for the greatest good.”

Mr. Zuma, 67, will be 71 when he leaves office with a Legacy of Empowerment and Transformation for South Africa’s poor.

Asked by the BBC what would be the first thing he would do on the Program, Mr. Zuma replied: "Love these 1.2 million orphans as I do my own 18 children."

“Empower The Poor” World News:

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