Monday, April 18, 2011

Gill's Notes::Women's day


When God sat down to make a woman
He gave her empathy love and compassion 
By the time he finished with her
He had no more left for the man

He gave her the ability to be a mother
And nurture and take care of others
Slowly, on reflecting, it dawned on her
She was being treated like a piece of furniture

At first she resigned to her fate
Bore the indifference of her progeny and mate
Slowly she realised she didn’t have to be a victim
And didn’t have to be at the mercy or everyone’s whims

She knew it was not going to be an easy battle to be won
Yet she took on everyone
She began to firmly express her views
And waited to get her due

We give her food, clothes and roof over her head
But the woman had empowered herself to earn her own bread
Car, house and thus managed to redeem 
With her hard work her self esteem

She had made a tough choice 
And finally had a voice
Men tried very hard to keep her in her place
And made sure she got no space

Her sanity and peace
And learn to live with dis-ease, 
Then her inner voice whispered to her
Don’t resign just pamper 

So go ahead and do your own thing, 
Let him feel you owe him your sense of well being.
Women’s liberation never went down well with men
So don’t chant what women want while you are in your den

God, you made smart 
Right from the start
It took us a long time to realise
And become cool, calm and wise 
To use enlightened manipulation
With a subtle passion
While having our own way
So that he may
Feel we were just following his command
And there was no reason to feel alarmed

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