Monday, April 18, 2011

Gill's Notes::What are your goals and dreams?

What do you want to use hypnosis 
to achieve?

And more importantly HOW are you
going to do it? 

You see I get a lot of questions 
about HOW to get things done so I wanted 
to share with you the "action management" 
system that I use.

I've written an article called,

"How To Kickstart Your Dreams"

I hope you find it helpful...

How To Kickstart Your Dreams

This will make some people angry as hell, 
but it's time to debunk the myth of 
'Time Management' while sharing 
the real secret of getting things done.

Let's face it, many so called "gurus" tell 
us to 'manage time better' or to become 
'ruthless with time' if we want to achieve 
their level of success.

What rubbish!

You cannot manage time itself. It continues 
along happily doing its thing, whatever you do. 

I've read countless systems on 'time management' 
and the majority take so long to implement and 
keep track of, you get even less done than you 
did before! 

If it's impossible to manage time then manage 
your actions instead. 

This is the key to launching new projects, 
completing existing ones and to at least 
doubling your current output without having 
to do any more work. 

Self-improvement celebrity, Tony Robbins, said 
"Action is destiny." He's spot on. If you start 
managing your actions, the impact on what you get 
done will amaze you and you'll accomplish your
goals and dreams.

*** Your 5 Simple Steps To Action Management ***

(1) Write down a master list of actions you 
need to do which directly lead you towards 
your goals.

Tip - I suggest having at least 3-6 items on your 
daily action list. Write this up the day before 
you use it. Depending on how many of these you 
complete determines whether you need to add more 
items to the list or whether you need to break 
the items down into smaller chunks instead.

(2) Set aside between 1 and 5 'Prime Action Hours' 
every day where you will do nothing except the most 
important activities. Refer to your master list 
and immediately cross each item out once it's done. 

Tip - During your prime action hours you do NOT: take phone 
calls, check your email, break for meetings, chat with 
fellow office workers or friends or read the mail. You 
need to get current outside distractions to support 
your new routine. If you work from home get agreement 
from your family to only interrupt you in an emergency 
during your prime action hours.

(3) Get Yourself a Timer and set it to 50 or 55 minutes. 
You work without distractions for this long during each 
prime action hour.

Tip - This gives you more efficiency by making you 
more accountable for what you do in each prime action hour. 
It also lets you know when to take an important quick break.

(4) Carry a pen and paper or a voice recorder with you 
during your breaks between any prime action hours.

Tip - During the breaks you'll find new ideas, thoughts 
and strategies will surface in your mind. The brain often
makes new connections as you relax after a very focused 
session. Make sure you jot them down to record them. 
You'll find them invaluable. Don't neglect to do this, an 
unrecorded idea is usually lost forever. 

(5) Set yourself a weekly target. When you reach 
it, reward yourself how you like. You don't need to do any
more prime action hours for the rest of the week. Revise 
your weekly income target upwards at least every 90 days.

Tip - Having a weekly target gives your prime action hours
a specific goal to achieve. Purpose is the most important 
ingredient when it comes to action.

For some people it's realistic to do a maximum of five 
prime action hours each day without impacting too much 
on the rest of the day. 

Some people will only manage one prime action hour each 
day. That's okay. Over a year this will still amount to 
an enormous difference in you achieving your dreams. 

Don't make the mistake of dismissing or forgetting what you 
just read. There's real power in this quick and easy 5 
step action management system. 

In fact I urge you to start right now. Get out a piece of 
paper and write down your master list for tomorrow. It 
doesn't matter if you can only manage one prime action hour 
to start with. You can increase the number as you create 
more focus for yourself.


I hope you found this article useful. And I hope
you use its ideas to move your dreams or your
life using hypnosis forward in a big way.

Cliff - Street Hypnosis

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