Monday, April 18, 2011

Gill's Notes::USA and China Cleantech - Article by Shawn Lesser & Terry Cooke

Shawn Lesser (Watershed Capital Group) and I have co-authored an article on the Top 10 U.S.-China Collaborations in Cleantech. 

You can find the full articles (with hyperlinks to additional information on each of the featured collaborations) at either: 
-- the U.S.-China Clean Energy blog 
-- the Cleantechies blog 

A number of the cleantech efforts between the United States and China reflect the need for cooperation on issues surrounding climate change and clean energy as it is a major factor in the relations of these two countries. Although there are still issues to resolve in many of the collaborations, it is believed that if the United States and China can continue in their cleantech collaborations, that it will show the world that two major players on the international platform are serious about combating the challenge of climate change, and it will also encourage other countries to create alliances. Through collaboration, the two largest greenhouse gas emitters will be able to create technologies required to combat climate change. Not only that, but tangible benefits will be developed, not just for the United States and China, but the world as a whole. 

1) United States – China Ten Year Framework for Cooperation on Energy and Environment 

2) United States – China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) 

3) United States – China Energy-Efficient Buildings (CERC-EEB) Action Plan 

4) United States – China Electric Vehicles (CERC-EV) Initiative 

5) 21st Century Coal Program (CERC-ACTV) 

6) China Greentech Initiative 

7) United States Alliances in Chinese Cleantech Industry 

8 ) United States – China Renewable Energy Partnership 

9) United States – China Energy Cooperation Program 

10) Key U.S.-China Regional Cooperation Initiatives: 
a) U.S.-China Green Energy Council 
b) U.S.-China Clean Energy Forum 
c) Joint U.S.-China Cooperation on Clean Energy 

Article by Shawn Lesser & Terry Cooke. 

Shawn Lesser is President and Founder of Atlanta-based Sustainable World Capital, which is focused on fund-raising for private equity cleantech/sustainable funds, as well as private cleantech companies and M&A. He is also a co- founder of the GCCA Global Cleantech Cluster Association, and can be reached at 

Terry Cooke is Strategic Advisor for Global Partnerships for the Global Cleantech Cluster Association. He is also a 2010 Public Policy Scholar on U.S.-China Clean Energy at the Woodrow Wilson Center and is author of the forthcoming Sustaining U.S.-China Clean Energy Cooperation. His website is and his U.S.-China Clean Energy blog is at 

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